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Dare to Dream - Marge

Marge states that she loves dogs! Before she moved to Arlington Place in February, she had the company of her cats and dog every day. She was overjoyed when one of our staff brought Cooper to visit her. Bringing Cooper in to see Marge on a regular basis brings joy to her and to us!





I moved into Arlington Place in 2002 to recover from a stroke. I needed physical therapy three times a week and they would transport me to the hospital. After a month, I experienced a colon hemorrhage which required surgery and a three week hospitalization. I had not intended to remain here, but I realized if I had been alone at home, I may not have survived.

I am so happy with my apartment. I like the interaction with others, but I can have my privacy, too. We feel like a big family here.

The staff is very caring and prompt with services. I enjoy doing things to help them out like stocking creamers, sugars and jellies and delivering newspapers. In the past I also sorted mail and called bingo.

—Jean Loots Wellsburg, IA

I think this is a great place! My daughter-in-law decorated my apartment and it is so cozy. I have a beautiful view of the gardens and I enjoy walking out in them. I also enjoy playing bingo, dominoes and cards.

The staff are friendly and respectful. This is a fun place to live.

—Evelyn White Reinbeck, IA


Local Contacts

  • Family Foods 319-824-3849
  • Manly Pharmacy 319-824-5446
  • Wild Flower Florist 319-824-3369

Dare to Dream - Jean Loots

Jean Loots has lived at Arlington Place longer than any of our current residents. Jean moved in after a health issue for a respite stay but had to return to the hospital for another health problem. When she came back to Arlington Place the second time, she decided this is where she would stay. This year, to celebrate her 13th anniversary, Jean had a party in the private dining room with her closest friends. We made a card from the staff and her friends bought her flowers. We’re looking forward to many more anniversaries with Jean.


Volunteerism has a long history in America and can be traced back to colonial times when Americans gathered together to help each other during trying and difficult times. Benjamin Franklin began the first volunteer firefighting company in 1736. From 1775 to 1783, Revolutionary War volunteers organized boycotts of British products and collected funds for the war. The Ladies Aid Societies were created to make bandages, shirts, towels uniforms and tents during the Civil War of 1861 – 1865. Soup kitchens and bread lines arose out of the Great Depression in the 1930’s.


Suffice it to say, our modern day volunteers come from a long tradition of people caring for and helping one another. Our caring and dedicated volunteers show up in rain or shine and go that extra mile to bring us library books and fresh baked goods, catch up on the latest news, reminisce, laugh with us in our happy times and provide a shoulder to lean on in our difficult times.


Winston Churchill said, “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”
“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they have a heart.” (Author Unknown)


We are very grateful for those who give of themselves by volunteering at
Arlington Place!


Cathi Burnette, LBSW
Arlington Place Assisted Living



Senior Fitness and Wellness Program


Residents at Arlington Place are enjoying a new exercise program. Working with Andrew Peters, Branch Director with the local YMCA is more than an exercise class. Andrew brings experience and knowledge as a certified Health Fitness Specialist about the fitness and wellness needs of seniors. Residents are beginning a series of 6 week programs, meeting twice a week with Andrew as a group. The group will be working on improving their balance, coordination, flexibility, strengthening core muscles and enhancing their overall well- being. Many of the movements in class will help with performance of day to day living activities. We may discover muscles we didn't know we had, but we're enjoying the challenge!



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