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Signature Programs

Smile Family Engagement Program

Smile is a new program that we are launching across Arlington Place to enhance the communication that exists between the families of our residents and our staff.

We have been working with CarexTech, Inc. a leading healthcare communications company founded by a University of Notre Dame Professor that focuses on the technology needs of senior living communities.

Smile gives families 24/7 access to their loved one’s daily activities and also allows our staff to securely send positive messages, pictures and videos to families. Family members will receive an email notification whenever there is a message from Arlington Place.

Communication is always a two way-street, so Smile also provides a way for families to talk to the caregivers and staff at Arlington Place. Using Smile, you can send messages, pictures, videos and music files to our staff to share with your family member. Smile also allows you to provide us with more personal information about your loved one – like their greatest achievements or personal interests – that will help us get to know and serve them better.

You can use Smile on any computer, tablet or Smart Phone – wherever and whenever you have access to the internet. Please help us with this initiative by sending your email address* to us at so you too can be part of Smile.

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*All email addresses we receive will be held in strict confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone.

Live 2 B Healthy Senior Exercise

Arlington Place provides a senior exercise program to it’s residents and the public through Live 2 B Healthy! A personal trainer leads the senior-focused class to improve balance, flexibility, stamina and more! Quarterly testing allows us to see improvement in all of these areas, as well as reduce the likelihood of falls. All ages and abilities are invited to join this free offering.

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Music Speaks Therapy

When words fail, music speaks! Our Memory Care residents enjoy music therapy by a board-certified music therapist. These music therapy sessions encourage positive changes in mood, speech, physical movement and more. Through song, instrument playing and reminiscing, these small groups experience big break throughs each session!

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“I wanted peace of mind for myself as well as my children.”


“I didn’t like being alone. Now I’m among friends and have many things to do.”